Monday, June 23, 2008

Intense Tourist Day in Berlin!

6am - leave on train to Berlin
12pm - return home

in between: sightseeing in Berlin at a frantic pace.

In one day I visited two museums, explored through Berlin's pairlamentary and embassy districts, climbed up the victory tower to see a view of the entire city, and got my picture taken in front of quite a few major monuments.

Here is the climb up the Victory Tower (300 stairs), then the majestic view from the top.

And this is my favorite from the Museums that day. It is in the Pergamon Museum. What happened is, at some point the German Monarchy decided to go to to Greece, excavate an ancient city, pick it up, bring it back, and then proudly display it. Now, it rests in a public museum.

And now, back to a week of chemistry.


Sarah M said...

aww, the pic of the cathedral and tv tower doesn't show in the blog. also, you're standing in the bike path!

Lizzy said...

I like how you're in almost exactly the same position, with the same expression, in most of these pictures.